Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Distracted Walking & Pedestrian Injuries - St. Louis Auto Crash Lawyer

Distracted driving is one of the biggest problems when it comes to traffic safety. However, there is another form of distraction that often results in serious injuries - distracted walking.
The problem has become so huge that many states have now banned the use of technology while driving. We often come across people talking, texting or listening to music on their cell phones while walking. These people don’t just risk bumping into other people and road signs, they also risk getting into serious accidents. According to our St. Louis auto accident attorneys, the problem of distracted walking is a serious one. In this post, we will talk about this problem in detail.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2012, almost 5,000 pedestrians were killed and another 76,000 injured in traffic accidents. This means, one pedestrian death occurs every 2 hours, and an injury occurs every 7 minutes in the US. While it is difficult to say how many of these deaths and injuries are a direct result of distracted walking, the overall rate of pedestrian deaths compared to total road fatalities is increasing each year.
Risks associated with distracted walking
In 2008, over 1,000 people reported to emergency rooms with injuries resulting from texting and walking. This was a 100 percent increase over the previous year. Another study published in 2012 showed that those who texted while walking were 60 percent more likely to veer off line compared to others. This phenomenon is called inattentive blindness. This means, our brain capable of focusing on only one task at a time, so you cannot pay attention to both texting and walking. Researchers observed that texting and talking on the cell phone while walking significantly affected the person’s gait and memory recall of the target location.
According to the NHTSA, the highest percentage of pedestrian fatalities relative to all traffic deaths occurs in New York city, Los Angeles and Chicago. Another study by Ohio State University has found that people younger than 25 are more likely to be injured while using their cell phones, and men were at higher risk compared to women.
The simplest way to avoid such accidents is by avoiding the use of cell phones or engaging in other distractions while walking. When walking, one should focus only on walking and reaching the destination safely.Make sure you cross the road at signalized intersections or crosswalks.
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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Top Reasons Car Crashes Occur - St. Louis Auto Wreck Attorneys

Recent studies show that the taxi cabs which are yellow in color are involved in less collisions than the ones which have a darker color. The obvious reason is that yellow can be seen more clearly than other colors.

Is Car Color A Reason For Collisions?

A report published by a University in 2007 claimed that there is a clear connection between the color of the car and the risk of collision. When cars of white hues were compared to black, grey, and blue color cars, it was found that the latter were under a greater risk than the former ones. So it was concluded that a car with a color which is not clearly visible is more likely to be involved in a collision.
According to the study, some of the high risk car colors are black, grey, blue, green, silver, and red. In the test none of these colors turned out to be safer than white.

Actual Reasons For Car Crashes

So does it mean that all the drivers should give up their dark colored cars and buy new ones which are bright and easily visible? Will the roads become safer just by changing the colors of the cars?
According to one road safety expert, driving a dark colored car may increase the chances of a collision, but general driving behavior is the key factor behind all accidents.
The top reasons for car accidents are:
Ultimately, it is the driver who is responsible for accidents. If he chooses to exercise restraint and drive responsibly, a car crash can be averted.


To sum up, before buying a car, you may want to think about the visibility level of a color rather than just your personal preference regarding the color. However, there is no reason to conclude that if you buy a white color car you will be invincible. You will still have to drive in a responsible way in order to avoid accidents.
That means you should not drive while you're intoxicated. Should not attend to a phone call, send a text, or indulge in other interactions while driving. Never drive beyond the permitted speed limit in an area, and make the mistake of driving at a high speed in the rain or when the visibility is low.
Last, but not the least, you should keep a check on your driving habits and always be careful while driving.
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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Auto Accidents Caused by Another Person's Pet - St. Louis Attorney

Distraction is one of the main causes of car accidents. Sometimes this is due to the driver using a mobile phone, other times it may be a passenger that has caused a distraction, but sometimes it is a pet.

The statistics

Many people travel with pets in tow. In fact, a recent survey by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that over 50% of people with dogs have taken them on a car ride with them. It is concerning that 23% of respondents stated that they restrained their dog by hand when braking. A further 19% have had to physically prevent their dogs from gaining access to the front seats.

If a person is distracted and takes their eyes off the road for just 2 seconds, they are at a 50% greater risk of having a crash.

Many drivers also admitted to petting their dog by reaching over into the back seats, letting their dogs sit on their knee, feeding their dogs and taking photos of their dogs - all while driving!

In the event of a crash

Our St Louis car accident attorney suggests that anyone involved in a car accident should pay close attention to any pets in the other vehicle. Was the dog restrained? Or was it causing a distraction that could have caused the driver to lose concentration.

Pets as projectiles

An unrestrained pet in a vehicle can become a potentially lethal projectile in the event of a car crash. It's so important to use a good restraining system or a cage that is strapped down. Pets should always be kept in the back of the car. Air bags can kill pets in the front.

Seeing a dog with his head hanging out of a car window may look cute, but it's actually very dangerous. Additionally, it's important not to leave pets or children alone in cars, especially in warmer weather when the temperature can soar to dangerous levels in a very short period of time.

When pets are injured as a result of a car crash

If a pet is hurt, or killed in a road traffic accident while traveling in a vehicle, then this may be added to a list of claims for damages filed. Fees for vet bills can be high, and this could be added into your claim. However, the emotional loss is unfortunately not taken into account and so if a pet is killed the recompense will only be for vet bills and the value of the pet. Unless a pet is a rare breed, or is a show dog that earns the owner money then the payout is not likely to cover much other than the vet bills. The exception to this would be a working dog that has been specially trained. 
Each case is unique. It is therefore important to speak with an experienced car accident lawyer who can evaluate the details of your accidents.

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

St. Louis Rush Hour Accidents - Car Crash Attorney


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fifty percent of all traffic accidents happen during rush hour.

Why is rush hour so dangerous?

It's pretty obvious that the more cars on the road, the more likely there is to be a collision between two or more vehicles. There are more drivers in a hurry. There is also an increase in hazards such as cyclists and pedestrians on their way to work or to drop children off at school.

The time of day also plays a role in this increase in accidents. In the morning many of us are not completely focused. It takes time to get going in the morning. Our reactions are slower and our minds can be foggy from the night's sleep. When it comes to late afternoon rush hour, we are tired, we are thinking about our night ahead, or still have our minds on the day's work.

According to our St Louis car wreck lawyer, during these hours many of the accidents are due to a lapse in concentration or due to speeding. When we're late for work, or we're looking forward to getting home after work, it can be tempting to break the speed limit. However, this is often the primary cause of accidents during rush hour.

As we've already mentioned, at these times of the day there is an increase in the amount of traffic on the roads. This means you are likely to be closer to other vehicles on your journey than you would be if you traveled at a different time. Additionally, when an accident does occurs, with more traffic around, the risk of extra vehicles becoming involved is increased. A small bump can easily turn into a major pile up when the roads are busy.

Claiming compensation for crashes that occur during this time can be particularly tricky as in the confusion of an accident, liability can be hard to establish.

How to keep safe during rush hour

Here are our top tips for keeping safe during the most dangerous time on the roads:

    Don't rush. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get somewhere.

    Car pool. The less cars on the road the better!

    Get a good night's sleep. A tired driver is a dangerous driver

    Have a cup of coffee. If you're feeling tired, have a cup of coffee twenty minutes before you drive. It will help you be more alert and stop you from falling asleep at the wheel.


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