Monday, July 25, 2016

Auto accidents are an unfortunately reality that many St. Louis drivers face on a daily basis. Such accidents often result in emotional and physical trauma. It is not uncommon for victims of St. Louis car accidents to suffer a broken bone injury in a St. Louis car wreck. Depending on the severity of the injury, bone fractures can be life-altering. Victims who have families to provide for may soon find themselves stressed over a loss of income and medical bills. This makes it very important to seek the compensation you are entitled to after being involved in an accident cause by someone else's negligence.

Broken Bones Common in St. Louis Car Accidents
Bones are fragile. It is no surprise then, that the powerful impact of an automobile collision often results in broken bone injuries. Any bone is vulnerable in an accident, but the following are the bones that generally tend to break in car wrecks:
  • Skull
  • Collarbone
  • Pelvis
  • Ribs
  • Back
  • Hips
  • Legs
  • Arms

Bone Fractures
There are many different bone fractures, however the most common are:

 Open fracture: This generally refers to when a bone breaks and bone fragments stick out through the skin. (Also known as a compound fracture.)

 Closed fracture: A break occurs but the bone does not break the skin.

 Non-displaced fracture: A bone cracks either part or all of the way through, however it does not move and maintains proper alignment.

Seeking Legal Help From a St. Louis Car Crash Law Firm
Recovery and treatment for a broken bone injury sustained in a St. Louis car accident will depend primarily on the severity of the fracture. Ensure that you receive the compensation you and your family need to recover and move forward after an accident by speaking with the St. Louis car accident attorneys at The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. We have extensive experience in car accident cases and can help protect your legal rights. Call us today at (314) 361-4242 for a free case evaluation.

Monday, January 4, 2016

St. Louis Auto Accident Attorney: Unrestrained Pets Can Be a Huge Distraction

Dogs are among the most popular pets in United States. There are about 78 million dogs residing in 46 million American homes. According to a survey conducted byAAA, about 60 percent of the respondents have driven with their dog in their vehicle at some point in the previous year. In many cases, this could put drivers at risk, as a dog or any other pet unrestrained in a moving vehicle can be a huge distraction. 
In the survey, respondents disclosed that while driving with their unrestrained dogs they engaged in the following: 

  • 23 percent used hands or arms to restrict the pet’s movement or hold it in place while braking

  • 52 percent petted the animal

  • 18 percent reached into back seat to interact with the pet

  • 19 percent used hands and arms to prevent the dog from climbing from back seat to the front seat

  • 17 percent allowed the dog to sit in lap

  • 13 percent gave food to dog

  • 4 percent played with dogs
  • 12 took a photo of their dog

It is important to note that those taking photos of their pet has increased three fold in past 4 years. In 2011 survey, only 4 percent had admitted to taking photos of their pets in the car.  However, in the 2015 survey, the figure jumped to 12 percent. 

Distracted driving is undoubtedly extremely dangerous and can put lives at risk. Driving with a pet is not as risky, but driving with an unrestrained pet can be a big distraction and a huge risk. They may tempt the driver to interact, restrict or engage them and this is how they become an interaction. 

According to the AAA foundation for Traffic Safety Report, taking your eyes off the road even for two seconds can increase the risk of an accident by around two-fold. 

It is surprising that 85 percent of the respondents agree having an unrestrained pet in the vehicle it is moving is dangerous and yet 6 in 10 drivers still do it, and only about 15 percent of dog owners who drive with their dogs use some kind of a restraint. 

People who do not restrain their dog give various reasons such as their pet is calm and does not require it, or that it is too troublesome or complicated. 

Before you drive with an unrestrained dog, you should consider that if you get into an accident while travelling at 50 mph with your 10 pound unrestrained dog, it is likely to cause serious or fatal injuries to the dog and the dog’s body may exert about 500 pounds of force. The more the weight of the pet, the bigger the impact will be.

If you have sustained injuries in an accident caused by a distracted driver traveling with an unrestrained pet, you should consult a competent St. Louis auto accident attorney to get help with the legal claim. Call The Hoffmann Law Firm L.L.C. today at (314) 361-4242 for a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney.