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The Cause and Effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries - 44% from Car Accidents

The Cause and Effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries

The Cause and Effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries

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In the state of Missouri, around 44% of all traumatic brain injuries reported are the result of a car accident.

Brain Injury LawyersTraumatic brain injury, or TBI, does not always present itself immediately. A person may hit their head, yet show no symptom of brain injury for hours, and unfortunately by that point it could be too late. Car accidents, even mild rear-enders, may cause your head to jerk at a great force. Even if you exhibit no outward, immediate symptoms after a collision it is imperative to have an exam. The long term effects of a traumatic brain injury can be devastating and the quicker you have it diagnosed the better your odds of full recovery are. If you have suffered a TBI after a collision, consult with a car accident attorney. There is a chance you will need long term medical care and an attorney will help see to it that you are compensated for all of your expense.

Cause of a Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury does not always happen as a result of hitting your head. The sudden rapid movement of the head during a crash can cause the brain to strike the interior of the skull. Your brain may become bruised or even begin to bleed, yet there are often no outward signs of this. Medical personnel will know that there is a high probability of a brain contusion or hemorrhage after a crash and immediately do an exam to determine whether or not you have suffered from one.
More obvious would be a blunt force trauma to the head if it makes contact with an object during the accident. A large bump or bruising on the skull will appear or even an open wound. In order for an accurate diagnosis to be made as well as an assessment of the severity of the TBI the patient will have to undergo a complete neurological exam as well as an exam of their cognitive skills. Head scans will help determine the exact nature and location of the injury to determine the best course of treatment. In severe cases of traumatic brain injury surgery is often the only option a patient has.


No two patients recover from a TBI the same way or in the same amount of time. For that reason you should always seek advice from a car accident attorney before speaking with any insurance adjusters after an accident. The details of your TBI need to be thoroughly examined to gauge just how much time your injury may need to heal and or what type of long term effects on your cognitive abilities you will be subjected to.
A Missouri car accident attorney helped their plaintiff reach a settlement after a car accident left him impaired for life as a result of a sustained traumatic brain injury. Loss of cognitive skills, decreased quality of life and the inability to return to his preferred occupation were all factors that were presented to the defense.

Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers

Brain injuries from a car accident can range anywhere from a mild concussion to a complete loss of motor function and cognitive skills. Not only must the cost of the initial treatment be considered, but also the long term effects the injury will have on the patients’ life. Consult with a car accident lawyer at The Hoffmann Law Firm if you were diagnosed with a TBI after a crash. Let them review your case to see just how much compensation you deserve.

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