Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rear-End Car Accidents in Missouri

Rear end collisions are the most common type of car accidents not only in Missouri but the entire United States. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in United States, one rear end collision occurs every eight seconds. Every year, 2.5 million rear end car accidents occur in United States. Rear end car accidents are not always serious, but depending on the severity of the crash the implications can be rather disastrous.

A rear end car accident has the potential to result in two types of injuries:

Whiplash Injuries

A whiplash injury results when the head and neck get thrown forward and then suddenly backward violently due to a rear end collision. Whiplash injuries may not appear serious when they occur, but in time they may cause serious troubles including bulging or herniated discs in the back and the neck.

Herniated or Bulging Disc Injuries

In more severe rear end car accidents, the force of the collision can cause the small bones connected to the spinal cord to shift out of place, in turn causing the discs in the spine to bulge (or herniate) out of place.  This may cause severe discomfort and pain in the back and neck, and may even cause sharp pain in other areas of the body.

It is important to seek timely medical treatment for the whiplash injuries caused by a rear end car accident. Even though the injury may seem minor, it can aggravate over time and cause tremendous pain and discomfort. Here are some important points that you should bear in mind in case you have been a victim of a rear end car collision:

  • The injury caused to the driver or passengers does not depend on the severity of the damage that the car has suffered. Even if the vehicle has only suffered a small dent, it is possible that the occupant may have suffered a serious neck or back injury.

  • The symptoms of a whiplash injury may not appear immediately after the collision. It may take hours or days for you to notice the symptoms, and may aggravate with time. One should seek medical attention immediately.

  • It is a false that only high speed collisions lead to serious whiplash injuries. According to medical experts, it is the moderate or slow collision that causes hyperextension of the cervical spine.

  • Whiplash injuries are not always minor and short lived, the ones involving damage to ligaments, nerves, or spinal discs can cause severe, long lasting pain, and may even result in permanent disability.

Rear end collisions can have more severe implications than you may imagine. If you have suffered a whiplash injury in a rear end car accident, you should consult with an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney at The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C.

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