Thursday, March 27, 2014

Driving on Icy or Wet Roads

It is not uncommon to experience frigid, sub zero temperatures in Missouri. The weather is worsened by prolonged episodes of snow, rain, and sleet. Even though winter is officially over, we still deal with rain year round.

It is needless to mention that venturing out in this weather is not only uncomfortable, but can be very dangerous, as poor road conditions increase the chances of crashes and breakdowns. Every year, we witness a large number of road accidents due to adverse weather conditions.

The number of road accidents increase during the winters, because of bad roads and poor visibility. However, a little extra caution in driving in such conditions can help avoid crashes.

Having worked on numerous road accident cases occurring as a result of poor weather, we have identified some common causes behind such crashes. Here are some simple tips on safe driving on icy or wet roads.

Try to stay indoors during treacherous conditions

Unless it is extremely urgent, you should avoid driving in extreme conditions. However, if it is unavoidable, you should following these tips to stay safe.

Drive slow and maintain adequate distance

It is common sense that it is difficult to bring a vehicle to halt on icy or wet roads. It is important that you drive slowly so that you can easily decelerate and apply brakes when required. Also, maintain at least 2-3 times that of the usual distance with the vehicle in front of you.

Apply brakes gently

Do not apply the brakes suddenly, as it may cause the vehicle to skid on the road. Slow down and then apply the brakes gently.

Do not use cruise control

Cruise control may not allow you to maintain slow speed on icy roads, and this may lead to a crash.

Ensure that your vehicle is in good condition

Before you take your vehicle out on an icy or wet road, check the wheels, oil, gas, and the emergency equipment.

Avoid passing large vehicles such as snow ploughs and sanding trucks

The drivers of these large vehicles have poor visibility, and may not be able to see you coming.

Understand that not all vehicles can withstand road conditions equally

If you have a small vehicle, it may not be able to run on icy roads on high speeds. On the other hand, a large pickup may not be able to run on icy roads if the rear is not weighted down.

St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer

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